Fixed income

Bulbrokers offers various services related to the investments in bonds, as well as bond issue services.

Among instruments with fixed income, available to our clients are:

  • Bulgarian government bonds
  • Foreign government bonds
  • Corporate bonds issued by local of foreign entities

If you want to buy Bulgarian government bonds, you will have to:

  1. Take part with competitive or non-competitive order on a primary auction for buying bonds via Bulbrokers;
  2. Buy bonds on the secondary market
    • For this purpose, you may contact Bulbrokers and after defining the specific parameters of the investment,
    • you will be invited in one of our offices, where you will sign a contract for the acquisition of the instrument, as well as a contract for registry leading
    • After paying the required fees and commissions, as well as the investment value, the client gets a certificate for ownership of the bond, which can be sold at any moment. Moreover, repo deals with such securities are provided by Bulbrokers in case the client needs financing, but does not want to sell the asset.

If you want to buy corporate bond, issued by local or foreign entities:
- contact us to define the specific parameters.

Bond issue services

BULBROKERS provides comprehensive services for the bond issue under both the private and the public offering, including: consultation about the procedure, implementation of the supply, preparation of Proposal / Prospectus, debt underwriting, representation to bodies and other related documents.

As of today Bulbrokers attends the following issues:

For more information, please contact:

Kiril Garchev – Head of Treasury
Phone: 02 / 4893 798
E-mail: [email protected]