Trader Workstation (TWS)

TWS is a professional trading platform which provides access to more than 100 markets in Europe, Asia and America.


Username: pdemo / Pass: demouser

  • Access to global financial markets at most competitive trading conditions!
  • Get the best execution of your orders, by the IB's SmartRoutingTM technology!
  • IB SmartRoutingSM is designed to search for the best price available at the time of your order, and to route and re-route all or parts of your order to achieve optimal execution.
  • Integrated approach which makes it easy to trade global products on multiple exchanges and assets denominated in multiple currencies all from a single account!
  • With PaperTrader, which allows traders to test the full range of TWS trading facilities in a simulated environment using real market conditions.
  • With mobile solutions for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, MobileTrader.


Примерен екран (screenshot) от програмата Trader Workstation
Example screenshot of Trader Workstation for illustrative purposes only

Main Advantages:

  • You may trade in all financial instruments – stocks, options, futures, options on futures, ETF, warranties, indices, bonds, funds and currencies.
  • Supports more than 50 types of orders and API functionality.
  • Offers the following professional trading instruments:
  • BookTrader 
  • OptionTrader 
  • BasketTrader 
  • ScaleTrader algo 
  • Integrated Stock Window 
  • FXTrader 
  • SpreadTrader 
  • ChartTrader 
  • Accumulate/Distribute algo

In addition, the specialised Ideal Pro application provides you with:

  • A direct access to the Forex Interbank Market – i.e.: the actual quotes of the thirteen largest FX dealers worldwide.
  • An ECN market structure – i.e.: should you wish so, you may select with whom to trade specifically: another trader, liquidity provider or a certain bank.
  • A display which allows trading in one and the same window spot forex, forex futures, forex options, as well as stocks and bonds.

Instruments to analyse:

  • Risk management - Risk Navigator 
  • Comprehensive fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis – charts, news and market scanners
  • Reuters Fundamentals

Username: pdemo / Pass: demouser