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Successful day for exchanges in Europe and the US

05 kwiecień 2017

European stock markets closed with small increases on Tuesday as a major factor for this are mining and oil companies which prevailed over the concerns of the meeting, which will take place later this week between Donald Trump and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and president - Xi Jinping.

The European Stoxx Europe 600 ended with a rise of 0.20% to the level of 380.03 after volatile movements in both directions. Thus, the index erased part of its 0.5% loss on Monday.

In Germany, the German DAX 300 added 0.21% and so completed at 12 282, while the French CAC 40 rose 0.30% to 5 101. Good news for Allianz after US investment bank - Goldman Sachs changed its rating on the stock to ‘buy’ signaling growth potential.

FTSE 100 ended in green zone with a rise of 0.54%, and thus stopped three daily series of losses. Mainly its growth was due to weak British currency, and thanks to companies engaged in the acquisition and exploration of precious-metals such as gold and silver. Their stocks rose amid appreciation of precious metals.

Major US indexes also light increases as the broad S&P 500 added 0.06%, ending the session at 2360.16 points, Dow Jones Industrial Average 0.19% reaching 20.689, and Nasdaq 0.07% to 5 898.61.