Elasticity (of an option)
Percentage change in the value of an option given a 1% change in the value of the option`s underlying stock.
Elliott Wave Theory
Elliott is a method of analysing markets based on patterns of past price action and how these patterns relate to a simple master plan. The master plan is that there is an impulse wave consisting of 5 parts, followed by a corrective wave, usually of 3 parts but which can get somewhat complex. The master plan has a number of rules in particular relating to the relationships between the various waves and uses Fibonacci numbers including the "Golden" ratio of 61.8%. Elliott is a very optimistic theory as down moves are always corrective and new impulse moves always go to new highs eventually.
European Monetary Union
The act of taking a trading position in the market.
Refer to securities that represent ownership (equity in a company) in other words, stocks.