P/E Effect
Stocks with low PE ratios provide higher returns than stocks with higher PEs.
Putting money into safe investments such as money market investments while deciding where to invest the money. In Internet, parking is the process by which someone selects a domain name, and "parks" it by registering the domain name under someone's name servers.
Passive Portfolio
A market index portfolio.
Pink Sheet/Penny Stocks
Daily listings of price quotations for thousands of over-the-counter securities not traded on Nasdaq. Published on pink paper by the National Quotation Bureau (a unit of Commerce Clearing House), the pink sheets list stocks that are smaller, newer, and generally riskier and less actively traded than those listed on Nasdaq and the other traditional exchanges. Penny stocks are highly speculative stocks that do not trade on any of the major exchanges. Penny stocks are prone to all sort of speculative bubbles, trading inefficiencies and other difficulties. They are quite risky