False Breakout
Short-term movement of a rate through some conditional border (the previous top or a bottom, a level of consolidation), and then return and movement to the opposite party.
Fast Fourier Transform
A method by which to decompose data into a sum of sinusoids of varying cycle length, with each cycle being a fraction of a common fundamental cycle length.
Fast Market
A declaration that market conditions in the futures pit are so disorderly temporarily to the extent that floor brokers are not held responsible for the execution of orders.
Federal Reserve Bank
The governing central bank of the US.
Fibonacci Ratio
The ratio between any two successive numbers in the Fibonacci sequence, known as phi (ø). The ratio of any number to the next higher number is approximately 0.618 (known as the Golden Mean or Golden Ratio), and to the lower number approximately 1.618 (the inverse of the Golden Mean), after the first four numbers of the series. The three important ratios the series provides are 0.618, 1.0 and 1.618.