Simple but powerful web-based trading

WebTrader - the perfect solution if you prefer an uncluttered, easy to learn trading interface but still want to use advanced trading features and tools.

TWS web trading

Ideal for users who work behind a firewall, WebTrader runs through the Internet, so you can log in and trade from any Internet-ready PC with no downloads required.

To enter in WebTrader enter your user name and password, which you are using for real trading through platform Trader Workstation. All operations and deals will be mirrored in your trading account of TWS.

Latest version available in your browser.
Username and password needed.

Try the Demo WebTrader first:
Username: pdemo
Password: demouser

For live trading please contact: 
Denitsa Boyadzhieva
Telephone: +359 2 4893 712
Email: [email protected]